Fits TBS Vendetta & 6" Props (1 PC)

Fits TBS Vendetta & 6" Props (1 PC)

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Following the release of the TBS Vendetta, All Carbon RC set out to enhance and upgrade the hot swappable carbon fiber arms.  The result is a 4mm solid carbon fiber arm that is stronger and more resilient than its predecessor while keeping it light weight.  The arm boasts wider motor mounting holes for all your favorite fpv motor combinations as well as an enhanced wire slot to make motor installation a breeze.  The arm length is longer than the original TBS Vendetta arm and can swing your standard 6” props or smaller.  All Carbon RC has personally tested a few motor combinations with the extended arms and has achieved good results with the the T – Motor 2206 2000kv.  Be mindful when using the higher KV motors with 6” props that you re tune your quad as leaving stock PID’s will cause the motors to get very hot.



  • Fits TBS Vendetta
  • 4mm Arm Thickness
  • Enhanced Motor Wire Slots
  • Wider Motor Mounting Holes
  • Weight 32g per arm
  • Swings 6” or Smaller Props
  • USA Manufactured & Milled


                                                                                Stronger You Say…?

  It is a common misconception that all carbon fiber is created equal but that is just simply not the case.  Every carbon fiber manufacture has a slightly different technique to produce the carbon fiber with different strength results based on the manufacturing process.  Doing a quick search on YouTube you can find two prevalent ways to make carbon fiber that will yield a very nice looking product but will lack the strength needed when crashing into the ground at breakneck speeds.  Carbon Fiber is only as strong as ratio of resin to fiber strand coverage, meaning if you have some carbon strands that aren’t covered in resin then the carbon sheet will be weak, break, and or delaminate.  The only way to ensure every fiber is covered in the resin while not adding too much resin is to apply very even pressure to each sheet during the drying or cure process.  If you stopped to do that YouTube search you will know by now that one of the manufacturing processes used is to vacuum bag the carbon sheets, removing all the air out, which in turn adds 1 atmosphere’s worth of pressure evenly to the entire carbon fiber sheet.  All Carbon RC uses a supplier who not only vacuum bags their carbon fiber but also places it in an auto clave that applies and addition 100 psi to the sheet forcing every fiber to be immersed in the resin.  The resulting product is a very lightweight, insanely strong, and durable carbon sheet that is ready for fpv quad arms to be CNC’d by All Carbon RC and enjoyed by you.     


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