Coyote LT Stretch X Racing Quad

Coyote LT Stretch X Racing Quad

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Stripped of its weight but not its durability the All Carbon RC Coyote LT Stretch X Racing Quad is ready to get you on that podium while keeping your electronics protected when you crash out.


The Coyote LT is identical to the Standard Coyote minus 25g of dead weight.  If you are looking for that durable racer look no further.  This stretch X frame will but a smile on your face as you 

carve through the turns with amazing stability and rocket down the straight aways due to it light weight, yet durable 85g frame.  While most manufactures are saving weight with little weak stick arms

the Coyote LT's arms loose the weight due to the lightening holes but retain their strength due to the angle cross members.  


***All Parts are Interchangable Between the Standard and LT Coyote's***


Package Contains

1 - 2.0mm Top Plate

2 - 2.0mm Side Plates

1 - 1.5mm Top Sandwich Plate

1 - 1.5mm Bottom Sandwich Plate

4 - 4.0mm LT Arms

1 - Coyote Hardware Pack

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